The Guild of 21st Century Reclaimed Contemporary Seiðr: Welcome to Forn Sed Hearthfire!

A guild is an organization of artisans. The medieval guild featured three levels of expertise: the apprentice, the journeyman, and the master. The apprentice learned the craft, the journeyman worked in the trade, and after years of experience and completion of an approved “masterpiece,” a journeyman could himself become a master. 

The term guild derives from the Anglo-Saxon root geldan which meant ‘to pay, contribute.’ The noun form of geldan meant an association of persons contributing money for some common purpose. The root also meant ‘to sacrifice, worship.’ Later the German meaning of guild as referring to gold continued to evolve into the idea of a collaborative gold standard of excellence. From this concept arose another meaning for the word geldan: to gild something was to decoratively cover it, usually in fine gold leaf.

All of these meanings carry the idea of worth—a price that you are willing to pay for excellence. A guild carries this idea of costly worth within a collaborative community. It took years of disciplined effort for the apprentice to become a master, and once he had achieved this level he often had to pay a fee for the privilege of belonging to the guild of masters. But it was worth paying for, as only the proven best, the gold standard of artisans, could belong to the guild.

So why have a guild for 21st century reclaimed contemporary seiðr named Forn Sed Hearthfire?

The name should say it all.

The Guild of Forn Sed Hearthfire means “the Old Customs as done at the fires of today’s Hearth” is comprised of a few contemporary adept Elders and journeymen, whose collective time and experience in not only researching the Old Ways of Norse Occult Arts; we have LIVED them.

As seiðr and Norse Heathenry has become more prevalent due to a worldwide indigenous Ancestral awakening, those of us whom were called to blaze the trail of reclaiming Old Ways for a Modern World are now being guided to instruct others who are moving from seeker into teacher. This Guild is a collective way of accessing deep training to become every Tribes most cherished member: The Sacred Spiritual Guide; first as a Journeyman, then as a Master.

This Seiðr Guild consists of the elders, journeymen and active apprentices in our tuition based tradition of introductory seiðr training.

This guild training is not simply for “self-empowerment”. It is training to become a full-time lifelong service professional in a specialist tradition. 

Within this Guild, one joins after some time of formal apprenticeship training with the expectation of taking lifelong vows as a full-time service professional. 

A fee for guild Training is charged, because you’ll be working toward taking those vows as a serious commitment to a life’s work of being a Sacred Sherpa guide and teacher yourself…

If what you are seeking is just general shamanic training in this tradition, and you are not called to the work of being an oathbound full-time service professional, then you want to be a student, not an apprentice.

We do trainings for students, but once as a Guild member, we anticipate each member is ready to act on the call and GUIDE. 

*If you are interested in being a student, please apply to Kurt or Ivy; (contact info on the members page listed below) and we will work out training times for the following year. Please put some thought into which you want to be. It is possible to start out as a student and end up as an apprentice.

Mission Statement:

Along with becoming Master’s within other esoteric and shamanic Traditions, the Elders and Journeymen of this Guild each have between 10-30 years of working, applied experience in Norse mythology, Seiðr Traditions as found within the Lore, but most importantly; each Elder and Journeyman has undergone effectual (or accredited) metaphysical expertise and training developed within OUR time period.

This Seiðr Guild is an unprecedented opportunity to be mentored by master teachers in an apprenticeship-style format. These teachers are dedicated to imparting the secrets of their trade and inspiring their students to reach a high level of excellence in their esoteric abilities.

Moreover, this life changing training was often times supplied by Those We Serve and who They sent us to learn from as much as from reading; so one can be sure these methods have viability in a contemporary world.

Our Mission is to supply any serious seeker who has come to be called to mastery of this ancient Norse Tradition in a contemporary world themselves, any and all tools of the trade to promote true adeptness in seiðr as discovered by each of us; collectively and as individuals.

Our mission is to provide our Teachers-in-training  (Apprentices then Journeymen) the life-transforming role of what I call “The Sacred Sherpa” which will inspire them to attain the skills needed to become diligent craftsmen, (remember occult work is called a CRAFT for a reason!) reaching the highest level of excellence in their work and life. We desire to provide a platform where apprentices, journeymen and masters will share ideas and explore ancient, new and strategic ways to be a powerful, self-sovereign image-bearer Of the Old Ways in today’s contemporary culture.

We also will give any Guild member unlimited support via counseling and training, tools and curriculum, as long as they stay in good standing within the Guild.

Our job as masters is to train and assist any journeyman who is called to don the heavy pack of the Sacred Sherpa; thereby guiding confidently all new apprenticeships on the trail to reach the Summit of Kenning.

Does this sound like something you wish to be a part of? 

Click here to learn how to register for membership within our Guild: _____________________________________

What this Guild Offers:

  1. Teacher training.
  2. Networking, support and promotion of seiðr workers and their professional practice.
  3. Rites to teach as a Journeyman the full curriculum of The 21st Century Heathen reclaiming the Arts of seiðr, OR the Contemporary Seiðr Tradition given orally (as was done in days of old) by Kurt Hoogstraat.
  4. Continuing education specialty courses within seiðr (both then and now) material from Masters.
  5. Tribal support as a Kindred and Guild.

Courses offered by both Master Teachers or journeymen in Forn Sed Hearthfire:

Storytelling Storycrafting: The Art and the Power of weaving an epic story; The Magic of the Skald

You’ve been surrounded by stories all your life, but has anyone explained how they work? 

Deep down you know that learning to write well is about more than manipulating words. It’s about learning to tell a great story. 

Story is a language of emotion—like music. It operates by principles that strike at our shared humanity. That’s why it’s the main engine of Norse Practices in the form of the Edda’s and sagas. It’s the core language a Skald uses to speak truth across cultures and time.

As a student of the Skaldic path, you’ll learn the principles of storytelling. You’ll explore techniques for pulling your audience step-by-step into any story, but with an eye to the special demands of sacred tales, hidden meanings and skaldic magic. You’ll discover how to reveal truth through a story’s conflict and resolution instead of through a tacked-on or heavy-handed message. And you’ll experience what it means to rely on your kennings and your connection to (Urd) Wyrd as the source of your creativity.

Song Design Creating Emotions and Calling the Spirits…one note at a time.

Songs of seiðr Creation/Composition class will focus on several facets of music composition. Though composing music is an art form that requires years of discipline and experience, this class will give each student a solid introduction to understanding of some of the most basic, important elements of music composition within singing and ways to begin creating one’s own songs of seiðr immediately.

This course also will teach you how to develop your vocal skills to speak with nuance and power.

Work with both Ancient and modern techniques to explore non-standard “song” crafting is done. Explore the power of sound, how to emulate what sound does in nature, and how it all can be used to support the art of Spa, magic, and storytelling.

Sacred Pantomime: The True Art of Ritual and Its Power:

Today, the power of beautifully complex as well as elegantly simple rituals and ceremonies is lost due to 1500 years of being conditioned to handing our personal relationships with our Gods and Ancestors into the hands of monotheistic clergy.

Ritual and Ceremony is a form of Scared pantomime, and just as the space we use to interface with the otherworld’s are never the same, nor are the reasons why we gather to commune with the nine worlds.

There are many ways to do Scared pantomime, from weddings, to seeking guidance, blessings or answers from the Ancient Ones.

Just like any “performance”, there are steps and skills that are easily learned for this very important yet much overlooked Art; so any apprentice interested in this path will come away more confidant and powerful journeyman in the creation and adept use of Sacred Pantomime.

Heathen Horticulture

Foundations for Farming: Growing Food to Reach True Heathen Stewardship and Understanding.

The heart of this class is to equip Heathens to be leaders in sustainable and personal agriculture by basing their gardens and farms in the foundation of the Vanir and direct connection to working with spirits of place and Landvaettir.

A Heathen tribal mindset of co-cocreation, industriousness, hospitality, awareness, attention to the task at hand, and hard work emulate the Old Norse way of Land/Tribe/Gods. 

In this course, each apprentice will model the excellence that comes from respecting the design of a Living Creation, animated by the intelligent consciousness of Earth; along with the Vanir, the Alfs and the very spirits of plants, rocks and mud.  In this course each seeker will share the heart of Jord that is behind it all and learn to tend to her needs and the seekers needs organically and esoterically.

Root work in seiðr. 

This course is focused on making tools of seiðr, medicines, charms, tools, and mouth-watering foods through which the root work of HANDS ON earth magic is revealed. 

You will receive an overview of foundational skills such as tool designs and usage. 

A deep overview and exanimation of the nine scared Herbs as well as detailed curriculum on mind-altering use of plant allies on this path is also included within this course.

We will also go over in detail the making of medicines, salves, tinctures, elixirs, smudge, and hex powders as well as when to use them, how to use them, and by what amounts.

Magical cooking and food/drink Augury will be covered here, as well as the ever popular POISIONOUS PLANTS module. *Every strange plant is edible…once!  

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